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Eagles Nest Wilderness Area and the Holy Cross Wilderness Area

History / Background
History / Background
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Greatest Hikes in Central Colorado:  Summit and Eagle Counties is a hiking guide that includes hikes in the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area, the Ten Mile Range, and the Continental Divide.
Eagles Nest Wilderness Area:  Summit County Hiker focuses on trails throughout the Gore Range of Summit County.
The Holy Cross Wilderness Area:  The Northern Trails of Eagle County describes hiking trails throughout the northern area of Holy Cross Wilderness Area from Minturn to Eagle.
Comments about my work from those who have enjoyed the hiking guides:
"[A] wonderful addition to the existing guidebooks in the area and your photography is top-notch."  Scott, Connecticut.
"I received your book today. Thank you for sending it out so quickly.  The book is great.  I love your descriptions of the various hikes, the topographical maps and, of course. the numerous photographs. I can't wait to sit down this weekend and read about the hikes you recommended."  Rich, California. 
"We received our copy of your Greatest Hikes. . . . I really appreciate the National Geographic topographical maps, especially showing the elevation profiles.  The wildflower information is great, too.  It is a wonderful book to have in hand."  Angela, Colorado.
"Loved your full color text, especially the wildflowers!"  Joan, Wisconsin.
"We . . . really appreciated you taking the time to share your knowledge and passion of the Mountains and Summit County."  Mike, Minnesota.
"It is really a super guide book.  It will be sought after and will sell rapidly!  I love the detail of the hikes and the wildflowers that are identified.  Great photos and well-done."  Ann Marie, Colorado.
"You have done an exceptional job of describing each of your trail trips and photography is very impressive."  Jerry, Virginia.
"Very informative.  Good job.  Very informative and beautiful pictures."  Alice, Wisconsin.
"Beautiful pictures!," Monica, Oklahoma.

Greatest Hikes in Central Colorado

Greatest Hikes in Central Colorado:  Summit and Eagle Counties
Table of Contents

Eagles Nest Wilderness Area

Cataract Lake Loop Trail
Elliot Ridge Trail
Eaglesmere Lakes Trail
Green Mountain Reservoir Trail
Mirror Lake Trail
Tipperary Lake Trail
Rock Creek Trail
Willow Lakes Trail
South Willow Creek Trail
Buffalo Mountain Trail
Lily Pad Lake Trail
Meadow Creek Trail
North Tenmile Creek Trail
Wheeler Lakes Trail
South Gore Range Trail
Gore Creek Trail
Deluge Lake Trail
Pitkin Lake Trail
Booth Creek Trail
Upper Piney Trail

Continental Divide

Deer Creek Trail
Grays Peak Trail to Torreys Summit

Tenmile Range

Mount Royal Trail
Gold Hill Trail
Wheeler Trail
Lower Crystal Lake Trail
Mayflower Gulch Trail
Clinton Gulch Reservoir Trail
Spruce Creek Trail
Quandary Peak Trail


Holy Cross Wilderness Area:  Northern Trails of Eagle County

Holy Cross Wilderness Area:  Northern Trails of Eagle County
Table of Contents
Nolan Lake Trail
Lake Charles Trail to Mystic Island Lake
New York Mountain Trail
Dead Dog Trail to Middle Lake
Beaver Lake Trail
Turquoise Lakes
Grouse Lake Trail
West Grouse Creek Trail
Martin Creek Trail
Notch Mountain Trail
Mount of the Holy Cross from Half Moon Pass
Tuhare Lakes from Fall Creek Trail
Cross Creek Trail

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